Hello there

General kenobi...

Be merrily welcomed to my dusty corner of the internet. The name is Hakaponttoauto, usually shortened to Haka, and in some contexts also Petri, Myyreli, or Myyrä. I happen to have many names. As you can probably guess, my hobby is to whack my keyboard with my sloppy fingers and produce le spaghet a la chef Hakapontoauté, also boringly known as code.

Because you are here, you might (at least I hope so), have seen some of my projects. And if you have seen one, it must have been super awesome and epic. All of my projects are. Will be. When finished. Maybe.

If it interests you, my favourite programming languages are Lua and Javascript. Then there is a plenty of the non-favourite ones which I know how to program in, but don't use them as often. They include languages like Python, PHP, Brainfuck and C++

The interface I use to control my computer is an interesting combination of KDE Plasma and awesomewm (I spent hours to make them work together). For writing code I use Visual Studio Code, but that might change in the future. My choice of terminal is kitty, the shell is fish, and the prompt is starship.

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